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 What are You Listening to Right Now?

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J Knight5
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PostSubject: Re: What are You Listening to Right Now?   Thu Dec 16, 2010 1:27 pm

I really liked "Minutes to Midnight". I prefer their change of style on that album, than what they did on " A Thousand Suns".
"Giving Up" is on of my favorite songs by them. That song just rocks. And like you said, I liked how Mike sang more on "Minutes to Midnight". I also liked "New Divide as well. I felt it fit right in with the sound they had going for "Minutes to Midnight".

Their best album though will always be "Hybrid Theory" to me. I played that CD to death when it first came out.
My all time favorite song by Linkin Park is "A Place For My Head". I love the guitar riff, and the way Chester sings in that song is awesome. Whats your favorite song by them?
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PostSubject: Re: What are You Listening to Right Now?   Thu Dec 16, 2010 2:21 pm

I went back to take a listen to some of their older stuff to try and figure out what my fave would be, and I realized that I phrased it wrong. I don't think Minutes to Midnight is a bad album at all, in fact I really like it - but not for Linkin Park. For the most part it's feels to me like a rock album that happened to have the Linkin Park guys in might as well be a "Dead by Sunrise" record. They got rid of what made them unique, the DJ and synthesizer stuff, the nu-metal sound, the rapping from was just rock. Now, it was a solid rock album, and I liked a lot of it. Like I said I liked Mike's singing (although I'd prefer him to rap) and they have a good rock sound, I just missed their unique sound. It's not that I want them to keep putting out the same stuff though, but even if they got rid of all the electronic stuff and just had a more stripped Rock/Rap album, I could see it being better for me.

If I had to pick a favorite song, I'd go with either Points of Authority or Breaking the Habit...those have always been two of my faves. Although I really like Nobody's Listening too. And from Minutes to Midnight, it's either Bleed it Out or No More Sorrow.

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PostSubject: Re: What are You Listening to Right Now?   Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:57 pm

gallegra wrote:
I think so, yeah - and a lot of people like it. I can't blame you; I liked a song or two on their last album, but I hated that they went straight rock; they cut out all the stuff that made them unique. But now they're closer to their old stuff, but they experiment with some new sounds too. If you haven't heard it yet, I put the first single from their new album below; the video looks pretty cool too...