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 Batman Rising (Working Title)

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PostSubject: Batman Rising (Working Title)   Wed Jun 09, 2010 1:09 pm

Hey guys ,

I am new here and I have been reading Batman for a while now. I have written a number of scripts for the chracter and here is one of them.

Batman: Rising (Working Title)

A Script by Scarecrow756

Synopsis of Batman Rising
Inspired by the recent Batman: Gotham Knight, Batman Rising tells the story of the time after The Dark Knight, through a series of eight episodes. Batman is on the run from the Law, and in desperation the mayor turns to a mystery man named Edward Nigma who pledges to find out Batman’s identity, thus make it easier for GCPD to bring the Caped Crusader to justice. Meanwhile after the death Sal Maroni, the place for Gotham top Mob Boss is open. The old Mob veteran Rupert Thorn takes on Alberto Falcone but have they met their match when the psychotic Black Mask comes onto the scene.

Episode 2- A Riddle Can Help

Episode opens with a cop sticking up a poster of Batman Wanted Dead or Alive on the wall in Police HQ of GCPD. When he finishes sticking up the poster, Commissioner Gordon comes in, looking all tired.

Random Cop: You’re looking tired Commish.

The cop’s name is Harvey Bullock; he is a man of large size, often very clumsy and is usually seen with an olive stick in his mouth.

Commissioner Gordon: You know how it is Bullock, Gotham is a city that never sleeps.
Harvey Bullock: What is it this time, another freak in a weird costume?
Commissioner Gordon: No we may have some more mob bosses running around the place.
Harvey Bullock: But I thought Sal was the last one and it was reported The Batman killed him?
Commissioner Gordon: It appears there are more out there, they are like a group of ants swarming, where we can’t find them.
Harvey Bullock: I blame the Batman; he killed Sal now there is a power vacuum.
Commisner Gordon: We don’t know that for certain Lt whether the Batman is to blame for the power vacuum.
Harvey Bullock: There you go again, defending him, what do you see in him Commish. He’s a mass murder and a man who should not be out there, that’s our job.
Commissioner Gordon: I know he is, but it seems that whenever something goes wrong in this city, the blame goes on him.
Harvey Bullock: He deserves it; he created all em freaks out there, Joker, Killer Croc, and Scarecrow.
Commissioner Gordon: Any traces of the Scarecrow recently?
Harvey Bullock: Zilch, the slimy worm is still hiding out there.
Commissioner Gordon: Well continue your search for him, I thought that was what you were good at Lt, Detective work?
Harvey Bullock: Yes that and catching freaks in Halloween costumes.
Commissioner Gordon: If you excuse me Lt, I got some business to go sort out.
Harvey Bullock: By all means Commish.

With those words spoken, Gordon goes into his office, he turns on the light. He goes to his desk and sits down. He then looks at his office floor and notices something. He gets up from his desk and picks up the object from the floor. The object is a black batarang.

Commissioner Gordon: I hope where ever you’re out tonight, your safe my friend.

Ext Scene

Scene Change

Meanwhile in another part of the city Batman is running from some cops who are hunting him, he is running along rooftops while trying to get out of the gaze of a GCPD helicopter spotlight. The man’s name in the helicopter is Captain Murdock, and he is sitting there with his partner Lt Marwick.

Captain Murdock: We nearly have him, Marwick get the guns ready.
Lt Marwick: Sir aren’t we supposed to capture him alive.
Captain Murdock: Listen, the orders are dead or alive, and I want the son of a bitch to die.

Then Batman runs into in abandoned building.

Captain Murdock: Fire Marwick, now is our chance
Lt Marwick: Yes sir.

With those words said, Lt Marwick fires missiles at the abandoned building, it blows up instantly while Batman is in it.

Captain Murdock: Yeah we got the son of a bitch; no one could have survived that blast.

Then with those words spoken the helicopter heads back to GCPD.

Meanwhile near where the building blew up, Batman emerges from the blast, half of his costume is ripped including his mask. He shoots at the nearest building and grapples himself up there. There he waits till trouble looms and Gotham needs him again, in the knowledge that he is protecting a city that now well and truly hates and fears him.

Ext Scene

Scene Change

Mayor Antony Garcia comes into his office after a long meeting with Bruce Wayne, he goes to sit down at his table. Suddenly the phone rings. On the other side of the line is Police Commissioner Gordon.

Commissioner Gordon: I am sorry to report Mayor the Batman has escaped yet again.
Mayor Garcia: Goddamit I thought we had him this time. Gordon I think we have to result to more extreme methods in order to catch him.
Commissioner Gordon: What did you have in mind sir?
Mayor Garcia: I don’t know yet, but we better think of something fast, I hear now he is slugging of Mob Bosses of in the wrong way, I can’t have that happening in my city.
Commissioner Gordon: I will call in more force next time?
Mayor Garcia: You better do that Gordon; with the Batman you never usually get a second chance. Anyways I shall call you if any updates arise.

Mayor Garcia then puts the phone down promptly and starts arranging some papers. Meanwhile his security comes in. Her name is Miss Cornerstone; she is a tall woman with blonde hair.

Miss Cornerstone: Mr Mayor, a Mr E Nigma is here to see you.
Mayor Garcia: Send him right in.

She leaves the room and goes into the reception area of City Hall, while walking back to her desk she turns to a tall man and starts to talk.

Miss Cornerstone: He will see you now.
Tall Man: Excellent…..

Switch back to the Mayor’s Office and Mayor Garcia picks up a green envelope with a green question mark on it. Suddenly the tall man walks into the room. His name is Edward Nigma; he is wearing a black costume, has a bowler hat and has a cane which the top is shaped in the form of a question mark. Mayor Garcia gets up from his seat; he still has the green envelope in his hand.

Mayor Garcia: So you’re the one who sent me these series of Riddles, what do they call you the Riddler?
Edward Nigma: Yes that’s correct Mayor, so have you worked the clues yet from the six riddles I sent you?
Mayor Garcia: Yes, each riddle’s answer was a letter from the alphabet and they all spell one name…..Batman.
Edward Nigma: Ah it appears there is an intellect beneath your exterior Mayor, yes I hear you have a problem with the Batman.
Mayor Garcia: He has killed 5 people and is a wanted criminal. We have had no success in catching him and I feel that if we find out who is, then it will be easier to bring him to Justice.
Edward Nigma: Well as you know I have been a private detective for some time, I can help you find out who the Batman really is.
Mayor Garcia: Your record is good from what I have seen, now how much do you want for the job?
Edward Nigma: Money does not interest me Mayor.
Mayor Garcia: Then what does then?

With those words spoken Edward takes out a Rubiks cube from his pocket and examines it.

Edward Nigma: You see Mayor, ever since I was a small boy; I have been fascinated with puzzles, riddles and word games. While other kids my age were taking part in Soccer and all those other generic games, I entered contest on who can solve puzzles the fastest not for glory but for the sheer satisfaction out outwitting my fellow peers. So when a person comes along that rivals your very own intellect then in that case money is worthless to you, and the only true reward you seek is to outwit that person that rivals your intellect.

Suddenly Edward’s voice switches to a creepy whisper.

Edward Nigma: And I wish to outwit the Batman; his identity is the most complex riddle of them all.

Mayor Garcia: Fair enough, now I just need to introduce you to Commissioner Gordon, he will be the one you will be working with. By the way are you a drinker, Mr Nigma?
Edward Nigma: Only of fine red wine, beer I have never touched the stuff.

Then from his cabinet Mayor Garcia pulls out a bottle of red wine and two glasses, he pours red wine into both of them and hands one of them to Edward.

Mayor Garcia: I propose a toast to our new partnership, and to bringing the Batman to justice.
Edward Nigma: And to outwitting him, cheers.

Then with those words, pan to Edward Nigma`s face, he has a wolfish grin on his face.
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PostSubject: Re: Batman Rising (Working Title)   Wed Jun 09, 2010 1:49 pm

Wow, that's really cool! I'd love to read the rest sometime.

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PostSubject: Re: Batman Rising (Working Title)   Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:10 pm

Dude! That's awesome. You should get with Andrew and work on an actual comic title.
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PostSubject: Re: Batman Rising (Working Title)   

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Batman Rising (Working Title)
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