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 Batman Vengeance

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PostSubject: Batman Vengeance   Wed Jun 09, 2010 3:41 pm

Hey guys got another script here for people to read tell me what you think of it and wheather you want me to post more.

Batman Vengeance by Scarecrow756

Synopsis Of Batman Vengeance
Set in the middle of The Dark Knight’s career as Gotham’s saviour Batman Vengeance tells the tale of Batman facing a figure from his past. This comes in the form of a new vigilante known only as The Enforcer who uses brutal methods to eliminate the criminals of Gotham City. Meanwhile Batman must also face a new emerged villain in the form of Mr Freeze who blames Batman from preventing him to cure his wife Nora who has a rare disease.

Warner Brothers logo opens up with dramatic music. Switch to a shot on a dark street also the words 12 years ago come up.

A speeding car stops suddenly in front of a small house on the dark street. Out of the car steps out a big man you don’t see his face but you see him pointing at the house. Then out of the car come smartly dressed gangsters with Tommy guns. They approach the front of the house. Then the big man approaches the house and in his hand is a coin he suddenly flips it and it lands on the side with two scratches on it.

Two Face: Looks like this is the Batman’s unlucky day. Boys raid the house and bring the girl to me alive.

Suddenly one of the Gangsters turns around to Two Face and speaks. His name is Tony Lector he is a tall man with jet black hair and big bold features.

Tony Lector: Remind me again Two Face why are we after an insignificant woman?
Two Face: Lets just say she is what makes our dear Dark Knight’s heart beat and tonight we shall make his heart stop beating once and for all.

Then after those words, Two Face gets out a gun and points it at Tony’s head.

Two Face: Now Tony I hope you fully understand the situation now…

A scared Tony looks up Two Face daring not to look at the disfigured side of Two Face’s face.

Tony Lector: Yes Mr Two Face Sir like crystal.
Two Face: Good to hear now boys let’s bring this place down hard.

Then with those words spoken Two Face’s men smash down the front door of the house and enter the house. Half of the men search the downstairs of the house and the other half search the upstairs. In one of the bedrooms upstairs there is a woman who is sitting by the window of her room looking at the night sky. She is quite tall with short light brown hair; she is wearing a red jumper with black trousers and has her hair tied up in a knot. Her name is Amanda Seinfeld and she is the current girlfriend of Bruce Wayne AKA Batman.

Then without a glance at a near star her door gets smashed open and in come two of Two Face’s men. She stays there gazing at the night sky and the two gangsters come towards her pointing their Tommy gun at her head. One of the gangsters starts to speak.

Random Gangster: You better be coming with us doll face its lucky the boss wants you alive.

Then with those words spoken they grab Amanda by her neck and drag her downstairs with her screaming all the way down. Meanwhile outside the house Two Face is waiting and he sees all his men empty the house. One of the gangsters turns to him.

Random Gangster: Do you want us to torch this place down boss?

Then Two Face gets his coin out of his pocket.

Two Face: Heads say we leave it men and the scratched side says we burn the place down.

Then he flips his coin and it lands heads.

Two Face: Let’s leave the place boys now back to Headquarters it is only a matter of time before Batman comes looking for her.

Then with those words spoke Two Face and his thugs get back into the car and drive of into the dark night with their dark intent.

Exit Scene

Scene Change

Meanwhile in another part of the city in an apartment room there is a woman tied up with her mouth stitched up with tape. From the shadows emerges a man. He is a scruffy looking man with nearly shaven hair and he is wearing a ripped t-shirt as well as shorts. The man’s name is Mr Zsasz and he is a brutal serial killer.

Mr Zsasz: You are a zombie my dear not a pretty little girl like all the boys tell you. You have no purpose in life and I have taken it upon myself to set you free.

Then he picks up a carving knife from the floor and approaches the tied up girl. He suddenly grabs the tips of her hair.

Mr Zsasz: So soft like spreading soft butter on bread I think I will make this quick, easy and painless. Let me just say my dear you will certainly not be the first to be set free by yours truly no infact I have set loads of you zombies free. Would you like to me to show you?

Then the woman tied up lets out a little scream even with her mouth being stitched up by sticky tape.

Mr Zsasz: I would take that as a yes then my dear.

Then with a little chuckle he rips open his shirt and to the girl’s horror she sees loads of scars all over Mr Zsasz`s body and on his arms.

Mr Zsasz: You see I mark the people I set free with these scars that I make with my little friend you see here. Now let’s see after I set you free you will be victim number….

Then he starts muttering numbers to himself and then gives out a loud screech.

Mr Zsasz: Oh **** I have lost count although you usually do when you have been at this job for years.

Then he approaches the tied up woman again and removes the tape from her mouth.

Mr Zsasz: Now any last words before I set you free my dear?

Tied Up Girl: You really think you will win Zsasz no you won’t soon you be back in Arkham with your little pecker friends.
Mr Zsasz: And who do you think will come and save you huh *****?

Then he grabs his knife and points the tip of it at her neck.

Mr Zsasz: Now its time...

Suddenly the light in the room goes out and everything is dark. Then a voice is heard from the shadows of the night?

Voice: You have lost your edge Zsasz I mean those traces you left are the stuff of a sloppy killer something I would expect from the Penguin but not you, maybe you should hang up your knife and retire.

Mr Zsasz: You dare mock me Batman I have claimed more people then you have put away maybe you should hang up your cape and retire.
Batman: That is not going to happen anytime soon now I am taking you in Zsasz.

Then suddenly Zsasz starts running and jumps out of a glass window and runs across some rooftops. Meanwhile inside Batman lights a candle nearby and frees the tied up woman. The woman then turns around and starts talking.

Random Woman: Thanks for saving me Batman by the name my name is Lizzy how bout dinner some time.

To her shock she realizes the Batman has disappeared into the deep dark cold night to catch Mr Zsasz.

Scene Change
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Batman Vengeance
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