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 Batman The Animated Series, we have to move on from things we love.

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Gotham Knight Reader

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PostSubject: Batman The Animated Series, we have to move on from things we love.   Wed Jul 07, 2010 3:20 pm

Many years ago Warner brothers made the brilliant Batman The Animated Series. A show that was instrumental in bringing in new fans including myself to Batman it's been a big part of the character to the fans and writers of Batman comics. But like Frank Miller's take on Batman what was groundbreaking at first looses it's importance and the more attempts to copy the same thing lead to those stories having no individuality.

Not only is it a problem writers that have but the fans seem to have these same problem. Batman as a character has survived because of the ability to be molded and change to that generation's needs. But time and time again when a character acts different then they do in the tv show they say it's not what was established based on Batman The Animated Series. Like Joker being sinister and not so funny making him more like his true form in the comics they say "Joker is suppose to make people laugh when he kills." "Where is Harley Quinn?" Or "he is not voiced by Mark Hammil so he sucks." It seems many fans would prefer a lovable Joker from the animated series depite the fact that version does not mesh well with the comics version. Though now it seems like Ledger's Joker is slowly replacing the Animated Series one as the most known Joker. Catwoman was not allowed to be a thief but someone who had little choice and the character seemed to loose her way she is a thief who has some sexual tension with Batman it makes it harder for him to fight a beautiful woman.

Some characters I think were better for it Mr. Freeze, Riddler, Clayface have become more prominant. I would say Batman in Batman the animated series benefited as well in some ways as he was made more unbearable and unlikable in his own comics in attempts to channel the Dark Knight Returns Batman there was another Batman although not always nice, but sane and clearly a man who feels he is on his own no matter how much others helped him if anything it was his dedication that alienated people in the Animated Series not his attitude like many Bat comics in the nineties.

Now that eighteen years have passed I still see complaints of when something anything does not follow that series but I think there may be a need for moving on I see all the reistance from fans any show that is different any new voice for Batman or Joker (complaints I hear based on the DC Universe Original Animated films), anytime the villians look or act different, anything out of some fans comfort zone it's an inablity to move on. I'll still smile anytime Kevin Conroy voices Batman but I don't think we should be upset when it isn't him. Sometimes fandom prevents growth.
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Gotham Knight Reader

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PostSubject: Re: Batman The Animated Series, we have to move on from things we love.   Fri Jul 09, 2010 10:08 am

For me, growing up watching the animated series is what got me into Batman. and Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill will always be the definitive Batman and Joker voices respectively.
But good things must come to an end for one reason or another, so I see what you're saying man.

All we can do is accept the new changes and hope for the best in the future, but we will always be able to look back an enjoy the past

I do think though that Bruce Greenwood and John Dimaggio do fit the roles very well

So I am really looking forward to the new DVD release
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Gotham Knight Regular

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PostSubject: Re: Batman The Animated Series, we have to move on from things we love.   Fri Jul 09, 2010 2:39 pm

I think that diversity and evolution are the most important aspects of a franchise like batman. Batman has lasted for so long because he is constantly being evolved to adapt to modern times and sensibilities. As long these changes do not alter the fundemental aspects of the character, I am in favor of them. Therefore i enjoy the new batman brave and the bold cartoon as much I enjoy the old animated series. I love seeing different versions of batman. Sticking to one version for too long becomes rather boring.
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Dark Knight Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Batman The Animated Series, we have to move on from things we love.   Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:42 pm

It's true. Don't get me wrong, there's always something to be said for respecting the past (ie saying that Nicholson was a bad Joker or West was a bad Batman vs Ledger/Bale), but yeah; it's no version of the character is the "definitive" version. However by that I also mean that I don't think any representation of Batman in the comics is better than any other either. They're all great for their own reasons, because they're all the same character and have some of the same ideas (ie. one man can make a difference, justice over pure vengeance, etc). I even enjoy the West, Kilmer and Clooney versions of the character, because while they're trying to be more campy/child oriented they're still the same character.

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Gotham Knight Newbie

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PostSubject: Re: Batman The Animated Series, we have to move on from things we love.   Thu Jul 15, 2010 4:29 pm

I think it's the nostalgia factor. When your a kid you see things different. Most of the people that say that nothing compares to the animated series are going off their nostalgia of it. I recently introduced my Girlfriend to all of the Tim Verse, starting at TAS through Justice League Unlimited. Some of the animated series hold up to this day as really really really good writing, others episodes are almost cringe worthy ("I have batman in my basement" comes to mind). Heart of Ice though, Mad Love, the episode where the kids talk about their version of Batman...and I love love love the clay face episodes, their heart wrenching.

But like someone earlier said their really is no definite version of Batman. He's an interesting character because hes for all ages and all different generations. I mean if you look at the Dark Knight that's clearly for adults, and no offense to brave and the bold lovers but that's clearly aimed at a much much much younger audience. I've loved batman since I was 2. The 2nd movie I ever saw in a theater was Batman 1989. After that I would watch anything with Batman in it..even the adam west show as a child. My point being, as I got older I wanted a more mature, more adult batman..because I'm an adult so my taste has changed. The comics, new animated projects and the Moveis fill that need. But I'm actually happy that they make some Batman stuff for kids cause heck I was a kid once and I can't tell you how great it was to have a Batman cartoon to look forward to every saturday morning.
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PostSubject: Re: Batman The Animated Series, we have to move on from things we love.   

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Batman The Animated Series, we have to move on from things we love.
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